Logicious School/University Management system is used by Schools/Colleges to manage there daily activities like Employees, Students, Parents details, Books and Library Records, Admission Process, Assignments,Exams- Results and Reports, Events,Transports,  Attendance,Timetable, Fees and Other Reports. It gives one point access to manage these wide range of activities  effectively and hence enhance efficiency of overall system.


OpenEduSoft is a complete solution for all your institutional requirements. Our educational management system is used to manage students, teachers, employees, courses and all the system and process related to running your institute efficiently.

School                                                       Universities                          Online Schools

Kindergarten                                           Training Institutes                     Colleges

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Courses and Batches

Create unlimited courses and batches for your organisation with different admission criterias.

Room Allocation

Allocate rooms for several batches and exams. Also allocate rooms for meetings and seminars.

Users Access Definition

Create profile of students, teachers and administrative staff and assign seperate access rights to them.

Fees Management

View,manage and track the payment of fees of students and send notifications to students about delays in fees payment.


Set daily time table for students as well as faculties. Notify students about exam time table.

Student Admission

Manage entire process to application form filling till students enrollment and fees payments.

Student Attendance

Take attendance of your students manually or via card reader or any other hardware which can be easily integrated.

Human Resource

Keep track of your employees, faculty as well as contract employees using our human resource module.

Exams and Results Management

Schedule and manage exams and create results as well as print results via OpenEduSoft. Also students can be notified from the portal only.

Accounting System

Manage incomes,expenses,taxation and assets of your organisation. Manage accounts and finance of your institute with reporting.

Event Management

Manage events , registrations , venues and awards of your organisation. Total event management system is provided by OpenEduSoft.

Payroll System

Manage employee salaries and print salary slips right from OpenEduSoft. Manage basic and variable pays , leaves etc too.


Case Studies

ERP Implimentation for LittleFlowers School

Openedusoft implimentation at LittleFlowersSchool was a amazing experience. We had implimented entire fees structure as per the institute rules. Id cards , bonafide certificates , report cards , leaving certificates and fees receipt are now printed in standard format. Modules used by the school were multi-branch, fees management , course and batch creation , library , transport , event management, exams and results management, attendance and hrms.

Hostel Management

Manage bookings of hostel and accounts as well as inventory and maintenance expenses of hostels.

Laboratory Management

Manage chemical stocks, instruments stock, maintenance and purchases as well as timetable of laboratory.

Transport Management

Keep details of vehicles, drivers and students as well as accounting for school buses .

Web Integrated

Complete integration with a website, online admission, online fees payment,online exams and results declaration as well as online hostel booking system.

Library management

Manage book stocks, library timetable as well as books issuing and accounting of library.

Canteen Management

Manage canteens rent , menu , sales , purchase and stock details.

Reporting Dashboards

Custom reporting and dashboards for students, fees received ,pending,stock levels etc. Our business intelligence module gives you a total overview of your organisation by a single click.

Inventory Management

Manage stocks of things required in your organisation. Get notifications when your inventory stock gets low or your products reach expiry date.

Documents Management

Keep store of all the documents you have generated in the organisation. Also define custom formats for your receipts,invoices,id cards and any document you use in your organisation.

Purchase Management

Manage purchase of chemicals,computers or any kind of objects required for the organisation. Keep track of assets depreciation, expiry and service contracts.

Third Party Integrations

OpenEduSoft can also be integrated with a number of popular softwares. You can integrate OpenEduSoft with Tally, Moodle, Payment Gateways and Google Apps too.

Responsive Design

The look and feel of the system is user friendly and responsive i.e. it can be accessed from the convenience of your mobile phone.

Cloud or Desktop

You can host our application on cloud as well desktop and it will work perfectly fine. It works for both small and big institutes with different needs.

Data Migration

Easy data migration from excel or any other software. You can import data in CSV format into the system very easily.

Priority Customer Support

Our customer service executives are happy to help you. We do not forget our customers after sale and extend bug fixing and issue resolution support services with 24 hour response time on working days.


We provide training to our customers so that they can make the best use of our services. Training is provided online , on-site and in our company premises as well.

Cost Effective

Our system is cost effective and it saves your time and money, an efficient system to manage your entire organisation/s.