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Odoo one of the flagship offering of Logicious Business solutions ,is a  powerful open source Enterprise Management software,  this business software is one of the leading and fully featured ERP software used by many organizations and implemented by Logicious in 10 countries across the globe. It also provides you with one of the other important benefits such as pure customization, Integration, and of course the ease of successful implementation.

Odoo is a complete web based ERP solution  for Small and Mid sized Enterprises, with more than 500 + modules available including CRM, BPM etc. Odoo also provides you with customizable reports, Dashboards and other utilities such as barcode tracking, inventory tracking, inventory management, fleet management etc.

Apart from providing modules including Inventory Point of sales (POS), retailing, Integration with e- commerce, and other accounting software it also provides Specific modules for specific industries such as Printing companies, Recruitment firms, Education industry etc.

This software is released under General Public License (GNU), and works on using Python Language and PostgreSQL. We prefer Odoo/OpenERP for your business in Open source category as it not only cost effective ERP but also it provide you those features as you would expect from a costly proprietary software, and of course you got freedom to mould the software as per your business requirements.

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