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With growing competition it is very much necessary to adapt to new technology with changing needs. Our hotel management ERP enables hotel owners, to embark new heights in Hotel business. Our hotel management system is apt for small hotels, dharamshalas, chain hotels , hotels with restaurants and hotels with banquets facilities. There is total search, sort and reporting facilities in Logicious Hotel Management ERP System.

In Hotel Industry having Enterprise Resource Planning would save not only on cost but would differentiate itself in long run when planning for expansion. Having competitive advantage would give an edge to provide competitive rates & services in the market.


Logicious Hotel Management ERP system is an excellent app for small hotels, dharamshalas, chain hotels , hotels with restaurants and hotels with banquets facilities.

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Hotel Structure

Create custom structure for your hostel as per the floors , rooms , room types , room pricing and various other custom rules as per your organisation. Assign amenities to particular rooms.

Amenities Management

Keep record of all the amenities present in the hotel as well as allocated to each room or bed per student. Keep track of amenities lost , damaged , bought , under repair etc.

Room Reservations

Easy interface for your customers to book beds online or front desk officer can also create room bookings by taking deposit amount and allocating rooms to particular customers.


Manage housekeeping activities and keep track of your employees. Know when was the last time the rooms were cleaned, bedsheets were changed etc.

Room Types

Create seperate room types like single room, double room , exquisite rooms , and have seperate amenities set and pricing for each of them.There can be seperate pricing structure roomwise.

Laundry Management

The system provides laundry management system for hotels that provides such services to their students. Also there is provision to create folio for hotel customers to pay entire bill of all services they use during their stay.

Hardware Integration

Total hardware integration for receipt printing , barcode scanner, touchscreen , cash drawer , credit card machine , card reader for employee attendance.

Kitchen Order Management

Create kitchen order tickets for your restaurant orders. Order numbers are generated and kitchen staff is notified. Also track order fulfillment time.

Restaurant Management

A clean and simple and easy to use POS system for restaurant management. Unlimited products and products categories with easy search and sort options.

Transport Management

Keep details of vehicles, drivers and customers as well as accounting for cars and buses .

Banquet Management

There is module to manage overall working of banquet associated with your hotel like banquet booking , banquet inventory , banquet assets etc.


Check in / Check out receipt printing and total folio creation for each customer, as per billing for their entire stay in the hotel.


Case Studies

Hotel Management System for Grand Hotel

Table Booking

This module allows you to book tables of your restaurants for your guests. Automatic notifications are sent to customers as well as restaurant owners.Get reports on purchases done for your hotel.

Purchase Management

Manage purchase of kitchen raw materials, housekeeping stuff or any kind of equipments and stationary required for the organisation. Keep track of all your purchases and get reports on purchases done for your hotel.

Restaurant Menu

Recipe module lets you define the recipe of your menu items and show cost price and profit earned on each item. Define custom menu items and categories for your restaurant.

Inventory Management

Manage stocks of things required in your organisation. Get notifications when your inventory stock gets low or your products reach expiry date.

Reporting Dashboard

Custom Reporting in several formats like statistical, graphical , pie charts etc. Any custom reports can be generated that provides you business intelligence features.

Assets Management

Keep track of assets of your hotels. Right from beds to computers , all asset details , depreciation, validity , supplier details and every other information related to your assets can be stored in our system and it is totally integrated with the accounting module too.

Staff Management

Keep track of your employees, faculty,  contract employees using our human resource module.


Manage incomes , expenses , taxation and assets of your organisation. Manage accounts and finance of your institute with reporting.

Payroll Management

Manage employee salaries and print salary slips right from OpenEduSoft. Manage basic and variable pays.

Documents Management

Keep store of all the documents you have generated in the organisation. Also define custom formats for your receipts , invoices , id cards and any document you use in your organisation.

Web Integrated

Complete integration with a website, online admission, online fees payment,online exams and results.

Third Party Integrations

Logicious Hotel Management Software can also be integrated with a number of popular softwares You can integrate it with Tally, Vtiger CRM, Payment Gateways and Google Apps too.

Cloud or Desktop

You can host our application on cloud as well desktop and it will work perfectly fine. It works for both small and big institutes with different needs.

Data Migration

Easy data migration from excel or any other software. You can import data in CSV format into the system very easily.

Priority Customer Support

Our customer service executives are happy to help you. We do not forget our customers after sale and extend bug fixing and issue resolution support services with 24 hour response time on working days.


We provide training to our customers so that they can make the best use of our services. Training is provided online , on-site and in our company premises as well.

Cost Effective

Our system is cost effective and it saves your time and money, an efficient system to manage your entire organisation/s.