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We provide implementation service for Medical which is an open source, centralized Health and Hospital Information System that provides the following functionality :

  • Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
  • Hospital Information System (HIS)
  • Health Information System

EMR (Electronic Medical Record) is computerized legal medical record created in an organization that delivers care such as Hospital or doctor’s clinic. EMR will provide to improve the quality of life by reducing costs. The use of the system will help to centralize the medical information.


Logicious Healthcare is a complete solution for all your healthcare requirements. Our hospital management system is used to manage patients ,doctors, nurses and other staff, diseases, laboratory and all the system and process related to running your organisation efficiently. It can be used for:

Hospitals                                   Dispensaries                                Chain of Hospitals              Laboratories

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Patient Profile

Details of patient , about medical history , health details , socio-economic conditions, medication history can all be viewed and stored for future reference in Logicious Healthcare System.

Laboratory Management

Our system allows you to Create Lab test Requests, Lab test results and even save templates of results for speeding up the work. Also you can have custom formats to print the reports.

Family History

Record family history of your patients and associate other patients into the family tree of your existing patient. This gives an overview of any genetic or hereditary diseases of the patient.

Medical Procedures

72589 medical procedures are pre-configured in the system. New additions can be made. Over 4200 genes related to diseases (NCBI / Genecards) are preconfigured in the system.


Allow your patients to schedule appointments with you via a easy to use interface. Automatic reminders via email to doctors and patients regarding their appointments.

Doctors Profiles

Manage all details about the doctors in your hospital, their documents , patients they have attended , their appointments. Also manage their salary and payments as per hospital rules.

ICU Details

Enter critical information about ICU patients like Electrocardiogram , GCS (Glasgow Comma Scale) and APACHE II Score. All the test results and data can be stored with snapshots of reports for future reference.

Admitted Records

Records of the patients admitted in the hospitals are created. In this , information like Diet and Nutrition of the patient , care plan etc are added as well.

Bed Booking

Pre booking of bed in the hospital , which bed is accomodated by which patient and when it will be vacated. All this information can be viewed in calendar view using Logicious Healthcare ERP System.

Nursing and Discharge

Assign nurses and ward boys to particular patients. Keep check on the nursing plan. Print discharge slips and calculate the expenses of the patients.

Gynecology Management

Manage total data about the new borns,in which details like Neonatal Signs and Symptoms , Neonatal Reflex check etc can be recorded. Gynecological & Obstetric Information.

Neonatology Management

Surgical, Pediatrics & Neonatology Management system in Logicious Healthcare ERP System includes Pediatrics Systems Checklist , ASGAR Score Test and Newborn Management. It also gives total overview of the prescriptions , medication and diagnosis history and details.


Case Studies

ERP Implimentation for Holy Cross Hospitals

We had recently implimented our Hospital Management ERP System for Holy Cross Hospitals in France, who have used our system for managing their patients and doctors data. Also our software  helps their doctors to manage their appointments effectively. They have also integrated it with a web interface for patients to take appointments online.

Pharmacy Management

A clean and simple to use POS interface for pharmacy section of the hospital. Manage sales and stock of your pharmacy . Print receipts and integrate any kind of hardware with the POS system.

Reporting Dashboards

Custom Reporting in several formats like statistical, graphical , pie charts etc. Common health institute reports include Medicament List Report, Appointment evaluation per doctor report, Appointment evaluation per Medical health Service Report, Appointment evaluation per Prescription Report.Appointment evaluation per Specialty report.

Inventory Management

Maintain stock of medicines and other necessities in the hospital. Inventory warnings if stock goes below a certain number. Inventory notifications in case of expiry of medicines is nearing.


Manage incomes , expenses , taxation and assets of your organisation. Manage accounts and finance of your healthcare institute with reporting. Create custom structure for COA and P&L and also manage bookkeeping using our ERP system.

Purchase Management

Manage purchase of chemicals, medicines or any kind of medical equipments and stationary required for the organisation. Keep track of all your purchases and get reports on purchases done for your hospital.

Assets Management

Keep track of assets of your hospital. Right from beds to computers , all asset details , depreciation, validity , supplier details and every other information related to your assets can be stored in our system and it is totally integrated with the accounting module too.

Employee Management

Manage your staff details , their attendances , their leaves , accomodation and any detail you require. Also get custom reports on employee performance.

Responsive Design

The look and feel of the system is user friendly and responsive i.e. it can be accessed from the convenience of your mobile phone.

Payroll Management

Manage employee salaries and print salary slips right from our ERP System. Manage basic and variable pays , paid and unpaid leaves etc too.

Web Integrated

Amazing web interface for booking appointments with doctors, job applications , booking beds and special wards. Easy and simple to use UI for everyone.

Ambulance Management

Track details about your ambulances , their drivers , fuel efficiency , ambulance usage history using Logicious Healthcare ERP System.

Documents Management

Keep store of all the documents you have generated in the organisation. Also define custom formats for your receipts , invoices , id cards and any document you use in your organisation.

Cloud or Desktop

You can host our application on cloud as well desktop and it will work perfectly fine. It works for both small and big institutes with different needs.

Data Migration

Easy data migration from excel or any other software. You can import data in CSV format into the system very easily.

Priority Customer Support

Our customer service executives are happy to help you. We do not forget our customers after sale and extend bug fixing and issue resolution support services with 24 hour response time on working days.


We provide training to our customers so that they can make the best use of our services. Training is provided online , on-site and in our company premises as well.

Cost Effective

Our system is cost effective and it saves your time and money, an efficient system to manage your entire organisation/s.